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Ellegant Wealth

Women NEED to discover their financial Knowledge and Power.

If you want to retain and acquire female clients, employees or members, provide them with the money clarity and awareness they deserve.

Inspiring Financial Confidence!

If you are a smart woman who recognizes the need for financial transformation, is ready to invest in herself and discover financial joy, check out the online course or join the list to hear about upcoming coaching programs. 


If you are a financial advisor or planner who knows you can't do it all and you want to provide your female clients with an amazing learning experience, let's chat about a women's event or personalized series!


If you are a company or women's group who recognizes the importance of financial education for your female employees or members, let's talk about a workshop or lunch-n-learn series that will reduce financial stress.


A personalized learning environment
to empower & inspire Women


Ellegant Wealth provides transformative coaching that will lead to a clear wealth vision.

The Ellegant Wealth experience uses the Six Pillars to Financial Empowerment as a guide to motivate women to take action to change their financial reality and achieve their financial goals.

15-minute Discovery Session

Three reasons women need financial coaching...

8 out of 10

80% of women will be on this journey alone at some point – whether we never marry, are divorced or widowed. 



Half of all marriages end in divorce. Gray divorce, the divorce of older couples, is dramatically on the rise. 


The average age of widowhood in the United States is 59. Yes, I said 59 - in the United States. Scary, I know.

"I knew immediately when this opportunity was offered that I wanted to be a part of it, but never in a million years could I have known just how powerful it would be. To you Jayne - wow, wow, wow! What an incredible vision and gift you have given us all by creating such an empowering program for women. THANK YOU!"

Jess Waldron

What does Ellegant Wealth do???

I am not a Financial Advisor/Planner or Coach. I don't manage investments, provide a financial plan or sell any products. I will not prepare a budget or  create a plan to eliminate debt.

While I believe all of these are incredibly valuable services, it’s not what I do. I educate! I fill in the gap that the non-existent financial class left behind.

I want women to engage in the financial conversations that impact their future. 

I do this through my courses, by partnering with financial advisors and planners to hold women's events and by providing workshops for the female employees and members of organizations and groups who recognize the need for this education.

Choose financial joy!

Whether for you, your clients, your employees or group members, let me simplify and reduce the frustration around this important topic. I've made it female friendly (but not dumbed down), interesting and many women have even described it as enjoyable.


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