Inspiring Financial Confidence

A Personalized Learning Environment to Empower & Inspire Women

Inspiring Financial Confidence

Did you ever wish someone would unpack the lingo your Advisor is using and help you comprehend your financial situation in a language you understand?

Would you like to view your financial situation through the lens of YOUR values, beliefs and goals?

Do you want to have more meaningful conversations about money with the important people in your life?

Welcome to Ellegant Wealth, where your financial confidence will be inspired!

A personalized learning environment
to empower & inspire Women

Ellegant Wealth provides transformative coaching that will lead you to a clear wealth vision. The Ellegant Wealth experience guides you through the Six Ellegant Pillars of financial education so you can take action to change your financial reality and achieve your goals.

This is a program where you will craft your financial wealth story and vision, along with a peer group, that is so much more than just financial education. It's about connecting women with unique goals, backgrounds and values to create a space of shared learning and collaboration.

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Crafting Your Ellegant Wealth Story

Your financial journey is meaningful. It matters to you and everyone around you.

When was the last time you really deeply explored yourself?
Have you ever really examined your money story? Or focused on your life's financial journey?

Many women spend their time taking care of everyone else, finding little time to focus on themselves. Your financial situation impacts every other aspect of your life. Take the time now. INVEST IN YOU.

Ellegant Wealth is designed so you can BE PROACTIVE, TAKE OWNERSHIP & MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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“Jayne has a great way of putting people at ease when it comes to discussing money, investing, and future planning. Her collaborative and easy-going style made it comfortable for me to ask questions. She loves working with women, explaining things in thorough, understandable terms, and helping us find our success.”

- Nancy JP Anderson, former client, CEO and Owner, Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply Co.

“Jayne has a unique blend of technical expertise and the ability to genuinely
connect with clients. She is inspiring and authentic!“

- Linda Dolan, former client, HeartMath Coach

“Jayne is a born leader with a vision of empowering women to take responsibility for their own future. Ellegant Wealth is the essence of her years of thought, research, education and PASSION. The program she created helps women define what matters most, what drives those values and then provides a practical path to prioritize and achieve those goals."

- Lynn Maaske, cohort alumni, "Successfully Retired"

“There is something I love about how the whole experience demystifies financial jargon and explains the essential concepts in simple actionable ways.”

- Heidi Humphrey, cohort alumni, Sr. Marketing Manager

“Jayne’s class was the most eye-opening experience regarding how women’s values play a role in their feelings surrounding their financial situation. She empowers you to take control of your future and understand how your money is working for you. Jayne is so patient and perfect at educating women at all different levels of financial experience.”

- Brett Kurth, cohort alumni, Registered Client Service Associate

Ronda and Ivy explain the 'aha' moments associated with their participation in the Ellegant Wealth Cohort Program.

Ronda & Ivy
Cohort participants - October 2019

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