Ellegance for Women

At Ellegant Wealth we don't just talk about collaboratively working together to gain confidence and own our journeys. We create that reality with ELLEGANT COHORTS.

Ellegance for Women is all about women learning together. It's where everyone can share their stories and ask their questions.

We cover the Six Pillars, taking you deeper into your journey. Exercises will allow you to reflect and gain new insights into foundational aspects of your money that nobody took the time to teach you.  

Every woman will have the opportunity to share her new perspectives, surprises and "aha" moments.

This is not a passive learning experience, there will not be a two-hour lecture.  The engagement of you and your community of peers is where the rich discovery and breakthroughs will happen. This is the magic of women coming together.

The Cohort package includes three individual one-on-one sessions. This will give you the opportunity to ask the questions specific to your situation.

Built into your package is a 2-hour session three to six months after the cohort concludes. This is to bring the community back together to find out - Did the meeting with the Advisor take place? Was the short-term goal met? Did the discussion with the children happen?

Finally, there will be periodic offerings of bonus sessions for Ellegant Wealth alums only, to learn more from subject matter experts on topics that will expand your journey.

Included in

Ellegance for Women


8 - 12 women in a collaborative, non-judgmental community - sharing stories and experiencing the magic of women coming together.


4 - three hour group coaching sessions every other week - creating rich discovery and amazing breakthroughs.


3 individual one-on-one sessions - giving you the opportunity to ask the questions specific to your situation.


1 - two hour group session 3 - 6 months after the Cohort concludes - we've invested in one another and want to share outcomes and growth.


Your own personal Wealth Vision Guide - a beautiful workbook to guide your journey and provide a deep dive into each of the Six Ellegant Pillars


As an Ellegant Wealth Alum, you will have access to bonus sessions on topics that will extend your Ellegant Wealth journey.

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Cohort Benefits
Ellegance for Women

During the Cohort you will create your own personal Wealth Vision Guide. This beautiful workbook will reflect your amazing journey.  Perhaps one of the most significant takeaways will be the ability to see your progress – at the completion of your Cohort and looking back further down the road. Knowing you invested the time and energy in yourself to improve your financial situation for you and your loved ones will be priceless.

You will have new swagger and confidence to take into your financial meetings. Your newly crafted wealth vision will allow you to actively participate and drive the financial discussion - engaged and informed. The conversations will be way more fun!

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Cohort Dates & Times

Upcoming Cohorts 2020

September 22 – November 3 (Held In-Person at ModernWell*)

ALL SESSIONS: Tuesday, September 22, October 6 & 20, November 3; 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

*MODERNWELL (a gorgeous co-working space for women)

2909 S. Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis, Minnesota




There is a parking lot right next to the building, but has limited space. If the lot is full, exit the lot and take a left back onto Wayzata Blvd and take the first left onto Xerxes Ave S and another left onto Cedar Lake Rd S and park behind the building. There is a narrow little alleyway next to the building that you can walk through to get to the front of the building. Check in at the front desk and we will be in the conference room on the main level.

NOTE: The minimum requirement for each cohort is six attendees. If a cohort hasn't reach the minimum attendee count, it may be cancelled. So invite your friends to join you!

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