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Financial Wellness for Women

Are you tired of being a deer in headlights when it comes to your financial situation? 

Are you ready to gain financial clarity in an easy, fun way? It's time isn't it?

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Are you...

Convinced you don't have a brain for understanding money?

A hot mess when it comes to financial conversations?

That woman whose spouse drags you to the meeting with your Financial Advisor, only to glaze over and wonder what language they're speaking?

The couple that divides and conquers? That works, until there's an unexpected divorce or your spouse is having health issues. Don't wait for THAT moment.

Why invest in your financial education now?

What will you gain by going through this program?


and peace of mind when life events occur.

Death and divorce happen.

Avoid the added pressure of learning about your financial situation at the worst possible time.



and engagement when discussing your wealth.

These conversations are about your money and your future.

Don't wait for something to happen before deciding to get involved.



and knowledge for you to share with the people you love.

Learn how to have the conversations about money you could and should be having.

If not for you, then for your family. 


This isn't rocket science ladies!

You just haven't had someone explain it in a way that makes sense to you.


Your financial situation isn't going away. EVER.

Seriously, start learning now and experience what reduced financial stress feels like.

Hint: It's amazing!!! You'll wonder why you put this off for so long.

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Why Jayne Ellegard?

I am uniquely qualified to provide this training. I spent 34 years managing wealth for high net worth individuals. Along the way I picked up a variety of certifications and credentials. But even more important, I am intensely passionate about providing women a way to learn about money in a format that works for them. It's female-friendly, but not dumbed down.

Experience the difference financial confidence will make in your life. Let me be your guide on this incredible journey! 

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Financial Wellness for Women

"Six Week Challenge" Includes:

  • Proprietary Program: Six Pillars to Financial EmpowermentTM
  • Nine Video Modules
  • Wealth Vision Guide: Downloadable Exercises & Templates
  • Blogs expanding on each topic


  • Live Weekly Zoom Calls on Wednesday's at 6:30pm Central with Jayne Ellegard during the Challenge to share stories and ask questions. Fall 2021 dates:
    • October 27
    • November 3, 10 & 17
    • December 1 & 8
    • These calls will not be recorded to provide a safe space to talk about money
  • BONUSES!!!
    • Glossary of Terms
    • "Reunion" Session 4 to 8 weeks after the Challenge concludes

6 Week Challenge

One-time payment of $997


6 Week Challenge

Three payments of $350 each


What can I expect from this experience?

Hear what others are saying...

"I needed to hear, “Keep asking until they explain it in a way you understand.” I now have a starting point. This training gave me the knowledge and terminology to be able to ask questions. For the first time in my life I engaged actively in financial discussion! It was a safe and encouraging environment that gave me the confidence and courage to control my finances, not manage them, and view myself as a partner and vital contributor in my family’s financial future."

"Extremely valuable and enlightening. I have a better understanding of financial lingo & action steps for my own financial situation. The flow through the content and exercises was meaningful. I like that we knew our own financial numbers, but never discussed them. Fabulous program that gives you knowledge and takeaway skills to immediately apply. Definitely recommend attending! Now, I have to do the work!"

"I loved the group of participants and the instructor – it felt open and interactive. My understanding of personal finance is relatively deep in the areas I have experienced and research, but not as broad as I want. This class helped me expand the breadth of knowledge. The training covered a wide range of topics and made me realize there is so much more to know. It met people where they’re at from a financial standpoint and investing experience."

You'll never regret learning more now, but you could regret not learning now... later.

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