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Financial Empowerment for Women: Your Guide to Courage, Confidence & Wisdom!

Amy Vasterling, Founder of the Wisdom Gathering

“Finally, a tangible, relevant and kind way to learn about all things financial! Financial Empowerment for Women is a must read, especially for the woman who has lost touch with your financial life. Personally, I've done just that, lost touch and grew complacent. Jayne's book lit a fire within to actively do research, set goals, voice more ideas and angles for investing our money while reconnecting fully to the reigns on our financial life. It’s made quite a difference! Thank you, Jayne, you brought my power back into my financial life!”


Chady AlAhmar, CEO, Wealth Management, Old National Wealth Management

“Jayne demystifies managing wealth by encouraging women to discuss money in a simple yet purposeful manner. Looking at the future ahead for my three daughters, I believe this book is a movement, empowering generations like my girls to be courageous and confident around topics of money. Backed by a solid expertise, Jayne is passionate and committed to helping women navigate the management of their wealth. This book is a great guide for most women (and for most men) who should be more confident when it comes to discussing their financial goals and aspirations.”