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Financial Dreams

goal setting pillar 2 Jul 24, 2020

It's wonderful to dream isn't it? But even better is making those dreams a reality.

Now is always a good time to start dreaming and planning. My mom always told me I needed to write down what I wanted to achieve or I wouldn't get there. I'm always amazed when I take the time to think about where I'm at and how far I've come that many of those things I dreamed about have come true. There have been times I've written down goals and then come across the piece of paper years later only to discover that most or all of the things have been accomplished. Such an amazing experience.

But not everyone feels that way about goals. I had a friend share with me that anytime she had written down goals, something terrible happened that prevented her from even getting close. So she had avoided setting goals for many years. It was too painful for her to even think about.  

One of the exercises I have women do in my program is to circle the first three dreams that jump out at them from the above graphic. What is it about those three things that tug so strongly at your heart?

Then have a loved one do the same. How did your dreams compare and/or contrast? As you talk about them, do they actually become more similar than different? You may be just be giving the same thing a different name. Is there a compromise that could be made among the top three? Or is there a way you can help each other accomplish all of them?

Sharing your dreams and having these conversations will move you significantly closer to the possibility of achieving them.  

What are some of the things you worry about as you visualize your future plans? Things like memory loss, outliving your money, providing care for family members. What actions can you take to prevent or prepare for these concerns?

What are some of the events that could happen in your future? Things like change of career, receive inheritance, grandchildren. What are some ways you can plan for the best possible outcome when these occur?


Take some time to think about your dreams, your concerns and the possible events ahead (good and not-so-good). Use these thoughts as a springboard for establishing your goals and how you plan to accomplish them.


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