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Understand Your Finances Now (Not Later)

Have you ever struggled with money?

If you have, I can assure you, you’re not alone. I hear many women say they find dealing with their financial situation frustrating, intimidating, boring.‍

In a conversation with a woman I’ll call Jill, she said, “My knowledge about money is low. I don’t speak the speak, it’s all Greek to me, so I disengage. But I can and should understand it. I know I NEED to understand it. This doesn’t fit the image I have of myself as a smart, strong woman.” Can you relate to some, or all, of what Jill shared?

But the good news is - it doesn’t have to be that way!

Why is it so important to have courage, confidence and wisdom when it comes to your financial journey?

8 out of 10 women end up on this journey alone.

Whether you never marry, you’re divorced or widowed. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. The alternative for the other two women is worse – they avoid this predicament by dying first.

51% of marriages end in divorce with gray divorce on the rise. Gray divorce is the new term that has been coined because divorce among elderly couples has increased so dramatically.

Women outlive their husbands on average 7 years. Some might say we always knew we were the better gender! We also tend to marry men who are older than us.

The average age of widowhood in the United States is 59. Let me repeat that. The average age of widowhood in the United States is 59. You do the math.

The reason I’m telling you this is, chances are, you will need to step up and take responsibility for your financial situation at some point in time. I have worked with women who have experienced the sudden loss of a spouse or an unexpected divorce and were thrown into a very scary and overwhelming situation. I don’t want this to happen to you.

Am I trying to scare you? You can be scared OR you can be inspired. Honestly I don’t care which you choose. I just want you to take action. Because I know you DESERVE to be financially empowered. I know you NEED to be financially empowered. So be scared or be inspired - but get started. I don’t ever want you to struggle or feel stupid about money again!

Take the time now to learn as much as you can - you'll never regret having the additional knowledge!


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