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Financial Empowerment for Women: Your Guide to Courage, Confidence & Wisdom!

Are you ready to become a woman who is self-assured and confident in your money decisions? Regardless of age, wealth level or current financial knowledge, you will benefit from the process this book will provide.

It’s time to change the narrative about becoming a financially successful woman and level up your knowledge around money.

The Six Pillars to Financial Empowerment outlined in this book will provide you with clarity, motivation & hope that is comprehensive, eye-opening & fun!

Your financial situation is never going away. EVER. It’s going to be there. Every. Single. Day. Invest in yourself now and give yourself a gift that will be with you forever.

What people are already saying...

“‘A slinky low-cut number is more aggressive than a buttoned-up tailored shirt.’ That’s the difference between a portfolio with more stocks versus one with more bonds. Who in the hell talks about investments like that? Jayne Ellegard, that’s who! And that is PRECISELY why you are going to devour her book the way I just did. By page 3, I was already shouting out loud ‘Where have you been all my life?’ Her stories are inspiring, but even more remarkable … for the first time in my life, I finally understand (and I mean REALLY understand) how to make, save and grow my own money. WOW. She offers simple and fun analogies (read above) that just make it all so clear. And then she serves up smart, bite-sized solutions that EVERY woman (regardless of age, income or upbringing) can understand and use. It’s a remarkable read.

I’ve been battling financial demons my entire life. Terrible lessons from my mother. Terrifying lessons from my dad. Despite all that, I saved and spent wisely. So why … when I started making good money and getting the life I dreamed of, was I riddled with guilt and shame about my financial success. Turns out, I am not alone! This book is the gift EVERY daughter should receive as she steps out into the world. And then, she should read it again every single year. Jayne’s stories are inspiring and relatable, but it’s her 30+ years of rock-solid financial industry expertise that makes her book so valuable. Laugh along with it. Do the simple, bite-sized solutions she recommends. Then sit back and feel the calm and eventually joy start to fill your life. Financial security IS within your reach … but you’ve got to stand up and go get it.”

-- Cat Breet, Chief Stripe Changer, ARBEZ

“Jayne Ellegard’s book is a gem for women hoping to advance their financial lives. She has a unique ability to cut away the judgment and get right to work on the best strategies to refocus your goals. Through every step, she guides you with questions and actions meant to shore up information and start acting on a cohesive process. Whether you are looking for a few tips, or struggle in a shame spiral of debt, read this book.

Reading this book is like hanging out with a terrifically smart friend who knows the tricks and methods to help you create your financially abundant life. Get the book, do the work, and watch your financial life transform.”

-- Maureen Aitken, editor and award-winning author of The Patron Saint of Lost Girls.


“This book is like having a good friend talk to me about my relationship with money without judgement. Jayne opens the conversation of the real role money plays as a wife, mother, friend, professional, community member. I saw myself and the women I care about in the stories throughout.

Jayne takes complex financial concepts and makes them easy to understand without being condescending. The pillars in this book are actionable and so empowering. Saving, spending, investing, planning, enjoying, this book is a must have for women at any age, the younger the better."

-- Robin Kellogg, Speaker • Workplace Facilitator,

“The Girl Scout mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Jayne’s mission is closely aligned, with a focus on financial empowerment and the positive impact that knowledge can have on a woman’s life and her legacy. This should be required reading for women of all ages!”

-- Tish Bolger, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts River Valleys

“Money is not the answer to all your problems, but money provides options to solve most problems. Financial Empowerment for Women: Your Guide to Courage, Confidence, and Wisdom! is a must-read for women desiring to become comfortable understanding and managing how to make their money work for them. If you’re seeking financial peace this is the book for you.” 

Jasmine Brett Stringer, Speaker and Award-Winning Author of Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day

Meet the Author!

Hi! I'm Jayne Ellegard, Founder & Coach of Ellegant Wealth and Author of Financial Empowerment for Women: Your Guide to Courage, Confidence & Wisdom!

I am uniquely qualified to be your financial guide. I have 34 years of experience in wealth management. Along with coaching credentials. 

I know with all my heart this is my purpose.

I'm passionate

about getting women excited about a topic they previously considered boring.

I love

seeing the "aha" moment take place when a concept suddenly makes sense.

I believe

everyone needs to get engaged in the discussion about their financial journey.

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