Your financial situation is like a puzzle. Let's bring together the pieces to gain clarity and create your vision.

The financial coaching offered at Ellegant Wealth is unique. I've worked in this industry for more than thirty years and have honestly never heard of anyone doing anything like this.

I'm not a Financial Planner or Financial Advisor offering planning, advice or products. I’m not a Money Coach who will help you eliminate your debt or set up a budget. While I believe all of these are incredibly valuable services, it’s not what I do.

I offer purely financial education. I have no conflicts of interest. I’m not selling you anything other than gaining clarity and vision. I would love to be your guide and help you take a deeper dive into your financial journey.

My purpose—my mission—is to inspire financial confidence in everyone who touches Ellegant Wealth.

Why Financial Coaching

Ladies, statistics tell us a few things about our possible futures that we cannot ignore. First, 80% of us will be on this journey alone at some point – whether we never marry, are divorced or widowed. Second, the average age of a widow in the United States is 59 – scary I know.

None of this is pleasant to think about, but it's important to understand. Unfortunately, many women spend so much of their lives taking care of everyone around them that they tend to neglect their own financial security until a critical moment.

My goal is to empower women to not only show up on their financial journey, but to truly own it. To be an engaged participant rather than an observer.

Not tomorrow, when it might be too late. But right now. I'm here to help you do it with courage, confidence and wisdom!


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The financial discussion happening now impacts YOUR future. Don't let someone else decide your destiny.

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Jayne Ellegard

Minneapolis, MN
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