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During my years in investments and wealth management, I noticed a gap in financial knowledge. I saw clients glaze over – bored or confused by what was being presented. They often said it was like we were speaking a foreign language. So, they disengaged. Who could blame them?

Statistics tell us women typically outlive their husbands. Let me help you proactively gain a comfort level and knowledge in this incredibly important aspect of your life. Let's talk about your values around money, any fears surrounding the topic and move forward in a positive, powerful way.

Call me crazy, but I think this stuff is interesting—even exciting! However, I've learned that not everyone shares my interest or enthusiasm in talking about money. But these conversations need to happen.

Let's have fun, learn the lingo, tell our stories and help each other move boldly into the front seat of our financial journey.

Lift the "Money is Taboo" barrier!

Isn't it time to take control of your financial journey?

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"I feel it is safe to say that this workshop will have a profound impact on my family’s quality of life. I believe it will prove to be pivotal – the difference that made a difference – because it gave me (and by extension, my partner) the tools and capacity to become mindful stewards of the resources we are so blessed to have in our lives and the means to ensure that our finances serve our values."

- Anna Horn, cohort alumni

"Jayne creates a great environment for women to come together and learn about money (and their relationship with it) in a non-threatening, fun-loving way. She provides just the right amount of learning through breaking things into steps and an opportunity for building greater self-awareness through introspection. She is uniquely wired to be able to do both beautifully and elegantly (or should I say ellegantly?)."

- Ruth Tongen, cohort alumni, Professional Retirement Coach

"Jayne is an absolute delight to work with! She has the ability to take a complicated subject such as personal finances and make it digestible and exciting to learn. Her sessions are educational, eye-opening and FUN! I was able to meet with our financial advisor after going through Jayne’s course and felt confident asking questions that I had never asked before! My husband and I can now share the responsibility of our financial goals. Overall, Jayne’s cohort made finances less scary and helped me gain curiosity and interest on a subject that had always felt so overwhelming.”

- Lori Knisely, cohort alumni, Partner | Designer, textile

"Jayne's passion and enthusiasm for financial coaching are quite contagious. She brings a unique blend of financial expertise and coaching that will transform the way you view your financial goals. She expertly facilitates her cohorts for impactful results for each and every participant, no matter where they are in their financial journey." 

- Sarah Cords, cohort alumni, Partner | Strategist, textile

"Wonderful for the multi-generational members of your family. Help educate them on what they need to be mindful of so they can achieve their life’s goals. Worth both the time and money to gain a clearer understanding of your personal financial happiness."

- Lynn Maaske, cohort alumni, "Successfully Retired"


I spent more than 30 years in corporate America, working primarily in investments and wealth management at highly regarded institutions such as Cargill, Piper Jaffray and U.S. Bank. Four years into my career I had the amazing opportunity to work for Waycrosse, Inc., the family office for the Cargill and MacMillan families, primary owners of Cargill, Incorporated.  Managing the investments for one of the wealthiest families in the United States was an incredible experience.

At Piper Jaffray, I transitioned the wealth of executives and founders of companies as they experienced liquidity event triggers.  I continued my extensive Ultra High Net Worth investment experience at U.S. Bank, working with individuals, families, Foundations and Charitable Trusts.  I personally managed $800 million in assets under management (AUM) and supervised a team managing $5 billion in AUM.

Education, Credentials and Achievements

Business Management – College of St. Scholastica
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – University of St. Thomas
Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
Certified Career Coach - Adler Graduate School
Results-Based Trained Coach  - Neuroleadership Institute
Top Women in Finance Honoree
Reserve Elite Award Recipient
Founder of Women of Wealth Management Group
Member of Finance Committee for Girl Scouts River Valleys
Lake 26 Property Owners Association, Treasurer

My Ellegant

I love creating powerful, meaningful relationships.  I enjoy motivating and encouraging people to stretch and go beyond their comfort zone.  I prefer to see others succeed and enjoy the limelight, while I remain proudly in the background.

I believe that everyone can understand, and yes, even like investments.

I grew up in International Falls, Minnesota—the ice box of the nation—in a very outdoorsy family. I am married to my wonderful husband, Nathan. Our son, Tyler, his wife Steph, and our Grandpuppy Oakley live just ten minutes from us.

We have a cabin on a small lake near Danbury, Wisconsin where we enjoy hanging out most weekends. We love to travel and our vacations usually include the ocean. The ultimate trip we took was to Australia and New Zealand when Tyler did his study abroad in Sydney. Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef was spectacular!  

I am delighted to be starting this new adventure and fulfilling what I know is my passion. I believe with all my heart this is my purpose. I would be honored to have you join me and experience the difference increased financial confidence will have on your life!

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Jayne Ellegard

Minneapolis, MN
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